Of Interest to Visitors

Aloha and Welcome to Maui

One of the first questions visitors ask when calling or visiting the synagogue is, "What affiliation is the congregation?" The Jewish Congregation of Maui is a non-affiliated congregation. The Jewish population on Maui is eclectic and we receive visitors from all over the world who want to have a place to come worship and connect with other Jews. Therefore, we make every effort to remain accessible for all Jews, regardless of personal affiliation or level of observance. Beit Shalom is a kosher Shomer Shabbat facility so no one should feel left out. We welcome you and your family with a spirit of Aloha and we will do our best to ensure everyone is comfortable and feels at home.

We welcome visitors to all of our events, educational classes, and services including our Community Passover Seder, High Holy Days services, and Chanukah Party. If you are visiting, we can help you find kosher food options, and assist in arranging life cycle events.

We hope your visit here is all you dreamed. Shaloha!