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Maui Jews News

02/05/2019 11:19:56 AM


Ellyn Mortimer

Welcome to the new JCM blog!

This will be a space for us to communicate what is happening in our shul and in our community. The new Board committees and I are working on updating our website- adding content, updating our calendar, and creating this blog among lots of other things.

To kick off this new section of our website, below is my letter from the newsletter from last week.

Our new Board of Directors is off to a busy start. We are setting up committees and having initial meetings to create some structure! Look for information soon on how you can sign up to be part of the exciting future at JCM.

I went just a few days ago to the Zionismus exhibit at the Nisei Veterans Memorial. It was such a moving exhibit, and Judith Elam did an incredible job, and it was wonderful to share our history with our Maui community.  I met a non-Jewish family there with whom I had a great conversation , and I don't know why I was surprised that they attended the exhibit and had such interest, but I was surprised.  It was a reminder to me that our community has so much to offer and share, not just among ourselves, but with all of Maui. Our celebrations and our sorrows, our history and our future... Our Jewish place on Maui matters. It matters not only for the Jewish people on Maui- it matters that we show our Maui community that we are vibrant, united, and we have much to offer.

Our congregation represents to everyone around us what it means to be Jewish. Let's show a spirit of inclusion, joy, commitment, family, peace, and all the wonderful attributes that we as Jews bring to Maui. Let's all come together to create the shul that will make us proud and will be an example for Jewish communities around the globe. With that, I wish you all a Shabbat Shalom.

Aloha, Ellyn Mortimer

Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780