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A Bright Future For JCM

06/21/2019 08:58:54 AM


Ellyn Mortimer

The Rabbi search team has finalized the job description for our next leader...

Click here for the job description and feel free to share it far and wide

This job description will be posted globally this morning, and we already have been receiving interest and resumes from candidates who have heard about job opening through the grapevine. We have been listening and reading what our community and congregation is looking for, and it has been incorporated into this job posting.

We plan to hire a full time rabbi who is looking forward to leading and bringing together our pluralistic and egalitarian shul. If we have the funds, this will happen right away, if we don't have the funds, it will need to be a staggered process until we have enough to fund a robust salary package. If you want a full time Rabbi on Maui, it's time to give. Today. We can have a bright's up to us!

In other Rabbinical News, we are confirming a Rabbi here to work with Sam for the High Holidays. There are plans for classes, discussions, celebrations, talk-story, and other gatherings during ten days of awe. We will release a schedule as soon as we have it set, and if you'd like to be part of the planning, please let us know...we welcome you!

Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780