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Maui Chevra Kadisha

"All that we have done is for your honor. And if we have not done our task properly,we beg your forgiveness."

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Ritual washing and dressing of the Met/ah. Training will be required in order to become familiar and fluent with the entire ritual, and to work as a team.  Training will include traditional methods of washing, pouring, dressing, and knot tying.  Attention will be paid to personal hygiene best practices such as gloving, gowning, and personal protection. Optional: learning the communal prayers and niggunim (melodic chants).
Guarding of the body after coffining. Usually 2-4 hour shifts, sometimes in a mortuary. Requires reading of Tehilim/Psalms in any language.  Be with the met/ah.
Visiting the Goses (Terminally ill, 24-72 hours prior to passing). Caring for grieving families (requires training). Organizing Shiva, Kaddish/minyan. First meal after levaya (funeral). Shloshim (30 days after passing). Yahrzeit (year anniversary after passing).
Interested in more intensive training to lead the tahara team.
Rosh: Reader and liturgical leader of the Minhag (ritual procedure). Overall lead person in the room for all questions and to make final decisions.Consult outside support if needed. Must be able to read Hebrew prayers and blessings (training in reading the Hebrew prayers is available). Get Tahara supplies from storage, set up Tahara room. Take inventory. Report any supplies that need ordering and fill out Rosh Report to Chevra Kadisha administrator.

Team Leader: Watch over technical aspects of Minhag and ensure the team is following requirements.Guide and teach people with less experience. Need to attend all Tahara trainings. Maui Minhag past and future review. Knowledge of basic Halacha principles is required.
Some topics to discuss/research will include: 
Support what needs do be done for a levaya (funeral: literally, accompaniment).
Protocols for Beit Shalom cemetery plots. Jewish-non Jewish family issues, green burial options on Maui.
Topics on cremation and burial for Beit Shalom members and others.  Tahara before cremation.
Boundary around Beit Shalom plots.
Burying the poor and indigent.
Final Kindness issues.
Burial plots and updating map.
Caring for the cemetery and Jewish graves.  What is being done and is there more to be done that we can do?
Autopsies. Transport of Met/ah off a cruise ship. Transport of Met/ah to Israel or other destinations for burial. Tahara before or not? Shmirah issues?
How to fund supplies and other needs. Keeping records of supplies.


Mon, March 18 2019 11 Adar II 5779