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Jewish Cycle of the Year

A textual, philosophical, spiritual and practical interactive discourse on Jewish sources related to the events and holidays of the Jewish calendar. One of the most treasured aspects of Jewish tradition, a key to opening our minds to a different frame of reference and a different way of experiencing time, the Jewish calendar is an age-old practice that connects Jews throughout the world and rewards further study. What does it teach us today? How can we connect to the events that have come before, and that are about to arrive in the upcoming weeks? Come and join the discussion.

Wednesday, May 15

Lag B'Omer - Mystical themes behind the holiday of Lag B'Omer, and the meanings of bonfires, bows and arrows, and upsheren at the famous grave of Rabbi Simeon bar Yochai in Meron.

Wednesday, May 29

Shavuot - Part I

The Festival of Weeks and its biblical origins, and their connection to the counting of the Omer, and the jubilee. 

March 27:

What is Hametz?

The sources and meanings behind leaven, and yeast. What is included? Why is it prohibited? How has it developed in definition and in practice over the generations of Jewish communities? How is related to the core themes of the Passover holiday?

April 3

Passover in the Community

The themes of family, community, and nationhood in relation to the Passover holiday. How does the Passover holiday relate to themes of identity, inclusion and exclusion, and the fulfillment of a covenant. Among other things - why is the passover a commandment for a family unit? Why does non-observance imply being "cut off from the community"? Why do Jews sell their Hametz to non-Jews? How do we negotiate these concepts in a modern environment?

April 10

The Origins of the Haggadah

A literary and historical analysis of some of the key structure and stories of the Haggadah: An overview of the classic text, and some of its time honored components: the four questions, the four children, the four cups of wine, and the ways the Haggadah tells the tale of transition from affliction to redemption. 

April 17

Passover Night Customs

An overview of the customs in various Jewish communities and the observances of passover night since biblical times, to allow participants to fully experience the night "as though they themselves came out of Egypt."

Sam Shnider is a volunteer officiant at Bet Shalom, and a full-time attorney in Wailuku,HI. He grew up in Israel and studied in the Har Etzyon Yeshiva in Alon Shevut. He has led services in Beersheva and Jerusalem, at Congregation B'nai Avraham in Brooklyn, New York, the Midtown Chabad, New York, Congregation Ohav Zedek in Bayonne New Jersey, and in other places.
He moved to Maui in 2013 where he met and married Moriah Diamond.
Mon, May 25 2020 2 Sivan 5780