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Jewish Living on One Foot

Jewish Living on One Foot, Intro to Basic Jewish Observance - Shayna Nechama Naveh


Mondays from 3 -4:00 PM at Beit Shalom

There is a common perception that living an observant Jewish life is complicated and difficult. In reality it is quite simple. Topics covered will include living in intention, Shabbat, daily blessings and prayers, Kashrut, and Holidays. Thoughts to contemplate: What is the purpose of Living a Jewish Lifestyle? What does it mean to live in intention? Why do we keep Shabbat? What does it mean to keep Shabbat? Why do we eat kosher food? What does it mean to keep kosher? Why do we pray and say blessings? Who needs the prayer? Why do we celebrate the Jewish holidays?

Pesach/Passover Observance on One Foot: April 1 - April 15

(Mondays 3:00-4:00pm) at Beit Shalom

The intention of this 3-session module is to discover together, whether we have been "observing" Pesach/Passover our whole lives or are just trying it out, what we really need to do (Me’ikar Hadin) in order to clean our homes, do our shopping and eat during Pesach. The third week we will look at what really needs to be in the Seder.

Like all my classes, it includes discussion and reflection on how to apply what we learn to our yearly Passover observance.

April 1: Cleaning for Pesach

April 8: Eating on Pesach

April 15: The Seder

You are invited to explore Shayna's website. If you are interested in having any of these classes through JCM, please let us know


Shayna “Nechama” Naveh is a Holistic Health/ Energetic Therapy Practitioner, Wellness Counselor and Teacher with a passion for exploring wellness and spirituality from a Jewish perspective. She considers herself a lifelong learner and loves sharing what she has learned with others. She is currently enrolled in a 3 year Spiritual Leadership course taught by Rabbi Haim Ovadia of Torah VeAhava which will prepare her to research and rule on Halakhic questions. Prior to moving to Maui in 2001 she lived in Israel, Alaska, Washington and California.
Tue, May 26 2020 3 Sivan 5780