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Gift From The Heart Membership 


JCM's Commitment to You:

JCM will continue to provide the physical and emotional space for everything Jewish: services, discussions, education, celebrations, and play. We are committed to holding the space for all things Jewish on Maui, for anyone who wants to join us!


Your Gift From the Heart:

We ask that you commit to sustaining JCM. In place of traditional membership models, this new model allows for everyone to commit at a financial level that is meaningful to you.


Donation amounts will not be set, but left to your discretion. We ask you to be guided by your heart and the value you place on a viable, inclusive Jewish presence on Maui.  Maui must always have a place where everyone who joins us is equal, encouraged, and welcomed to pray, be called to the Torah, get married, have a B. Mitzvah, etc. 

We ask each congregant household to pledge an annual, financial contribution to sustain our congregation, based on their ability. We simply request that you contribute what you can afford. 

Our Annual budget is $320,000. If all of our current members paid their share, it would come out to about $3200 per family.

No need to ask for financial relief because of limited means or financial hardship.  If you can give more, please remember that this inclusive membership model only works because of the generosity of our community.

As JCM is defined by our by-laws as a “membership” organization, we still must retain a roster of voting members, those who can give at or above the current levels, $600 for a single and $960 for a family will have voting rights. 

What is your commitment to JCM this year?

Minimum pledges for voting:

  • Family -  $960 annually
    Include two votes in the election with each voter being age 13 and older. 
  • Single -  $600 annually
    Includes one vote in the election with the voter being age 13 or older.  
  • Giving above $600 will give you one vote
    Giving above $960 will give you two votes
    On the payment page...under "Pay This Amount" you will have the chance to pay this amount all at once or monthly through June 30, 2022.
    Thank you for your commitment to the Jewish Community on Maui!


Mon, October 18 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782