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Kashrut Policy

The Jewish Congregation of Maui is an unaffiliated, egalitarian, post-denominational Jewish community organization inspired by and committed to fostering Jewish identity, tradition, and spirituality on Maui. We strive to meet our varied constituents' Jewish cultural, social, and religious needs. We offer multifarious activities and support designed to add vitality, meaning and creativity to our lives.

Our facility, Beit Shalom/House of Peace, is kosher. It is important to us that all members and guests of our Jewish community feel comfortable eating at all our events. We acknowledge that our diverse community members interpret specific aspects of kashrut observance differently, so it is important that we maintain clear, transparent, and consistent policies concerning kashrut that will appeal to the halakhik norms of a wide variety of people/opinions. The purpose of this document is to define, with an eye towards inclusiveness, how we adhere to the laws of kashrut in the purchasing, preparation, and serving of food for events sponsored by JCM.

Please click here to see our detailed Kashrut policy. 

Please click here to see our Potluck Kashrut policy.

Sat, February 27 2021 15 Adar 5781