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Meet The Candidates

The following are the candidates for the Board of Directors 2019-2020. Photos and bios are coming soon.


Sheri Levin McNerthney:      As JCM President, I want to build a community that the entire Jewish spectrum represented on Maui is excited to be part of. My top three immediate priorities are: 1. Build relationships and sense of ownership with active community-wide volunteerism 2. Facilitate a nationwide search for a full-time Rabbi 3. Document policies and procedures for all aspects of JCM operations.

Long-term, I want to develop a strategic plan to make our community financially self- sustaining. I envision a Maui Jewish campus which includes a Jewish Day School, a retreat center to host nationally-acclaimed events, and a co-housing community.

As a current JCM Director I have given our website a total makeover, championed governance transparency by implementing online access for all JCM members to community governance documents (Board meeting minutes, etc), built a relationship with an advisor from CLAL (Center for Jewish Learning and Leadership), and helped bake one thousand hamentashen.

Gail Schell:

Vice President:

Boris Gladshtein: 


Sarah Shaines:      Aloha. Being of service and making a positive difference fuels me.   JCM is a corporation in a world-class hospitality market.  I KNOW that we can be that dynamic center for Jewish life on Maui – welcoming, self-sustaining, transparent and supporting an inclusive and growing Jewish community for residents and visitors.  I learned early that quality, service and civic duty come first. That’s how I continue to live my life.

Operations and attention to the details of presentation are a personal passion.  I bring boundless enthusiasm, am reliable, responsive, self-motivated, and creative.  I’m a skilled event planner for fundraising and a proven revenue maker. We are all adding to JCM’s policy and procedure manual, and I will complete my self-assigned mission to clean up and organize our Beit Shalom temple inside and out.

My extensive retail, marketing and corporate Wedding planning background have me excited to oversee our Judaica shop in the temple and eventually, on line.  And, to expand our global ‘wedding destination’ position in this marketplace.

With Dr. Mehmet Oz, I created a NYC hospital-wide integrative Complementary Care Center.  Our shared vision succeeded with tireless compassion, sacrifice, mutual respect and patience.   I bring those qualities with me. I’m excited to run in this JCM election and I humbly ask for your vote to serve on the Board of Directors and as Secretary.  Shalom


Simon Vojdani:

Directors at Large:

Eve Berman, DO:     My desire to be a director at large is to support the following statement from the JCM By- laws Article II. ‘The Mission of the Congregation is: to support and inspire Jewish religious and cultural practices for Maui residents and visitors; to provide and encourage Jewish education and life cycle services, and to engage the Jewish community with religious services, classes and events.”

I bring a life long commitment to Jewish values represented in this week's parshah: The  Lord said to Moses. “Speak to the entire assembly of Israel and say to them ‘Be holy because I the Lord your God am Holy.” - Vayikra (Lev.) 19:1-2. In the commentary of Rabbi Sacks of the U.K. he notes, “ Here for the first time, we find a code of holiness directed to the people as a whole.” JCM's mission emerges from this directive and is its very sustenance.

My work as a private general practice physician of 30 years and the coordinator of the Chevrah Kaddisha of Maui is representative of my life as service, AVODA. My hope is to serve my Jewish community to manifest its mission in a sustainable manner.


Judith Elam:     Hello!  I have been an active member of JCM for close to 11 years now.  I have always helped out in one form or another, including raising about $7,500 doing genealogy by donation to JCM, working in the office, helping lay the Kiddush table, setting up and cleaning up after events, etc.  As a daughter of Holocaust survivors, I didn’t have a traditional Jewish upbringing, so being involved with JCM has given me an identity that I never had and really wanted.  I love socializing with other Jews,  and strive to be very friendly and welcoming towards our visitors too.  I love greeting our visitors, welcoming them to our shul and handing them a Siddur.  One such introduction culminated in my going to Israel as the guest of honor for the wedding of an Israeli couple I met during Kiddush one Friday night!  I also have given talks relating to the Holocaust and do this at the local schools on an ongoing basis.  I have been manning the phones at JCM for a couple of months now, and I consider this the perfect vehicle to further help people with whatever their needs may be. I have been referred to as the “shul ambassador”!  I am also co-manning the alarm system, in order to do my utmost to keep our shul and its occupants as safe as possible.  I want to share and implement ideas to improve our operations and be a part of our continued growth.  I think my greatest strengths are my friendliness, willingness to go the extra mile to help my fellow Jews, willingness to pitch in wherever needed, and to follow through to completion a task I have committed to taking on.  Right now that includes starting up a Jewish film club and hopefully a genealogy club.

Boris Gladshtein:

Janine Holstein:     Hello Jewish Community of Maui!  I am Dr. Janine Holstein, LCSW, and I am running for the Board of Directors of the Jewish Congregation of Maui. I currently serve on the Board and would like to continue my service to the community in this way. It is very important to me to have a Jewish community and synagogue on Maui both for myself, and my 8 year old son, Jotal. I hold a grand vision for our community on this island which includes a Jewish Day School and more. I live in lower Kula, and love hosting events on my property that support the Jewish community and synagogue and hope to be able to continue to do so. I grew up in a modern Orthodox community in NY and attended shul and Jewish school from nursery through post-college. While I am not as observant now as I was in my childhood, I still hold Jewish values close to my heart and am passionate about passing these down to my child and further generations. Please see my resume for more information on me.

Happy Lefton:     Shaloha!  I am excited and delighted to have the opportunity to be a candidate for the Board of Directors of The Jewish Congregation of Maui.  My husband and I were married in the sanctuary at JCM 16 years ago. I feel devoted and emotionally attached to the congregation, but unlike many of my running mates, I have been only an occasional participant and relatively disengaged member.  I have become involved now because I am energized by the exciting vision and enthusiasm of the current board.  I would so like to help in the effort to expand programs and activities. My vision is to include the many members and potential members who, like myself, have not thus far found reason to connect.  As a retired elementary school principal and Director of a Seattle area Federal poverty program, I am experienced with program development. I am skilled at building relationships and creating a sense of belonging.  I grew up in an orthodox congregation, and have since been a longtime member of both conservative and reform congregations. I can identify with the needs and interests of each denomination.

As a lifelong educator, I am particularly thrilled to be a part of the current work to develop a Jewish campus including a preschool and day school.  I am currently participating in meetings to support this effort. I bring 40 years of experience in leading and developing educational programs to this mission.    

I see my potential board membership as a new opportunity to offer my skills, enthusiasm, and support to the Jewish community of Maui!  Please read my resume here.


Marc Levine:  

Shayna Naveh:      Aloha, I am excited to be a part of realizing the full potential of this awesomely diverse Jewish community and aspire to help create a stable and lasting community model.  We need a strong variety of personalities and skill sets within the board and I am committed to utilizing all my skills, knowledge and capabilities to support our short-term goals and our long- term vision.  My focus will be on ensuring that Beit Shalom runs smoothly and that we have key policies and procedures, as well as educational opportunities in place to provide a solid base for moving forward. I was an active member of JCM from 2001 - 2010, serving 3 ½ years on the board (the last two as VP). In the last eight months I have returned, taking part in organizing and leading services and events, preparing for and teaching classes, and collaborating with our spiritual leader and board members to document and solidify our vision. I have also helped form our new Chevra Kadisha. I believe that I can now most effectively assist our congregation as a board member. (Click here for my resume) -  For more info click here.

Jessica Pearl: 



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