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Shabbat Tsav 5779

03/19/2019 03:17:55 PM





634 Alulike St.
Kihei, Maui, HI 96753

Ph: (808) 874-5397
Fax: (808) 874-8088

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 10am to 2pm


Thank you to Sam Shnider for volunteering to lead  and ensure that we have services each Shabbat. 

To all the wonderful people who support our efforts for the community, we thank you. Without continued volunteer work and funding there would be no gathering place for Jewish residents and visitors. We thank those who recognize this and continue to support the JCM.

Hours of Operations:
Mon. - Fri. 10am - 2pm
Items available for purchase

Dedicate and honor your loved ones in many ways while supporting the Jewish Community. You can honor a birth, birthday, anniversary, or memorialize a death with a written tribute:
~ In the new Siddur Sim Shalom for Shabbat & Festivals Tribute $25
~ In the Machzor Lev Shalom Tribute $50
~ In the new JPS Tanach $75

Call the office to make your dedication.
Limited supply of books available.

THE 1800 CLUB   
"Many hands make
light work"

Join The 1800 Club
by subscribing for a
monthly contribution of $18.00 or more; your gift will help us with Beit  Shalom's 
monthly expenses.

Call the office
808-874-5397 or sign up online to join.


Marie-Laure Ankaoua
Jacquie Bayley
Dr. Eve Berman
Allen Cohen
Jenni Ezekiel
Joanne Foxxe
Rabbi David Glickman
Scott King
Saul Larner
Cecil Morton
Janet Pauli
Jacques Perwin
Rabinowitz Family
Sandra Rogers
Carla Sage
Alan Sandler
Sarah J Shaines
Barbara D. Singer
Vojdani Family
Danna Weissberger

Mahalo for your dedication to sustaining our community

Thank you to the Kiddush committee for last week's Oneg sponsorship. We appreciate you.

Consider sponsoring an Oneg  to celebrate an occasion or honor a loved one or in memory of someone.
Please call for more information.


Delicious Kosher Meals

Now available by order from Beit Shalom. 

Click Here  for more info, or select Kosher Food from the About menu on the website homepage.

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 Shabbat Tzav 5779


Candle Lighting 6:24pm

Friday, March 22
6:00pm    led by Sam Shnider 

Saturday, March 23
 9:30am     led by Sam Shinder

From the President

Happy Tuesday. Thank you for sticking with this long post; I have much to share.

I know there is much happening in our little shul, and I want to keep everyone aware about what is happening. The board is thinking that we are doing a good job of getting information to the community, and clearly, we are not. If there is anything that you ever want to know, just ask. I’m sure if you have the question, so does someone else. Once you ask, I can address it personally, and consider putting it in the newsletter if it seems like something others would want to know as well. We have no secrets, we volunteer on behalf of the congregation, and we can tell you just about anything you want to know.

We are getting to the end of Rabbi Glickman’s contract, and there have been questions about his status. I am not in favor of discussing an employee’s medical situation and contract/mediation negotiations…the chatter in the shul and on social media has been ugly and mean-spirited, so I want to set a few things straight. Rabbi announced at the High Holidays in 2018 that it would be his last High Holidays as Rabbi. He had surgery in the beginning of October 2018, and he was out on a sort of medical leave while still getting paid full salary and benefits. In December, he was put on full medical leave while still getting paid his full salary and benefits. A volunteer committee was formed to work with the admin assistant to make sure his admin duties were taken care of while Sam Shnider and other volunteers stepped in to take care of spiritual and religious duties. In January, we received letters from his doctors letting us know that he could return to work with stipulations to aid in his ongoing recovery. We were not confidant that he would be able to do his duties with those stipulations. We continued to pay his full salary and benefits. We wrote an addendum in February so that Rabbi could attend to the end of life care and funeral of a beloved congregant. 

The Rabbi is continuing to be paid his full salary and benefits until the end of his contract April 30. We are currently in mediation with Rabbi Glickman over other issues relating to his contract that we both agree can be disclosed in more detail once we have a signed agreement. 

We are getting to the end of an era. Rabbi Glickman has been a tremendous asset to our community, and he has led us to this amazing time in our story. He has been our leader, our confidante, our friend, our rabbi, our moral compass, our spiritual guide, our teacher, and most of all, he has been our Rabbi. We need to acknowledge that there is an ending happening in our community. Not everyone will be happy about this ending, and not everything will go perfectly during this transition. We have been in a time of transition for many months, and it is going to continue. We all have the opportunity to decide how we want to deal with this transition and the upcoming changes. We hope you will stay with us and help us in this exciting and uncertain time. If you are having a hard time accepting the ending of this chapter, I understand, and I want you to stay with us. 

The board is working with a consultant from CLAL on the East Coast at no charge (for now anyway) on how to proceed forward. We will be working with Elan on conducting some interviews with members of our community to find out what our community wants and what we can provide. This is all a process, and successful change doesn’t happen overnight. Once we work through this time of transition, we will have a new beginning. 

Not everything will be different though. We will still be a JCM where all are welcome and prayer is open to everyone who wants to participate. We will be a fully kosher and Shomer Shabbos facility. We will hold community seders and holiday celebrations. We will remain unaffiliated so that all our needs will be met. 

Please know that the board will share whatever you want to know. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you. We have nothing to hide, we want to be transparent, and we don’t know how we’re doing unless we hear from you. 

I look forward to working together in this transition and celebrating our new beginning.

With much aloha,

Ellyn Mortimer

JCM Board President

Words of Wisdom

Purim is one of the happiest days in the Jewish calendar:

For the Jews it was a time of happiness and joy, gladness and honor. In every province and every city, wherever the king's edict and decree reached, there was joy and gladness among the Jews, with feasting and celebrating...



Wed, March 20 Purim Party Beit Shalom

Kid's costume party 4:30pm-6:30pm with Magician and Mishoach Manot

Adult Megillah reading with improv by Helen Kritzler and Marc Levine starts at 7:00pm

Fresh authentic Israeli Felafel 4:30pm-7:00pm 



Thurs, March 21: Purim Party Kula

Monday March 25: Lecture at Beit Shalom by visiting scholar Holly Blue Hawkins

If you are interested in serving in the Chevra Kadisha (Holy Society),   please sign up HERE

Class on our website

 No Jewish Cycle of the Year (Sam's class) this week

Jewish Cycle of the Year resumes March 27



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March 22- March 28

Allan Fairbarg

Vilma Lili Burger

Tillie Weiner

Louise Pells

Lillian Farber

Beverly Cohen

Jerry Michael Lewis

Eva Zollotuchen

Lila Lewis

Lloyd Epstein

Ruth Thal



Sat, July 11 2020 19 Tammuz 5780