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Shabbat Metzora 5779

04/09/2019 07:46:21 PM





634 Alulike St.
Kihei, Maui, HI 96753

Ph: (808) 874-5397

Hours of Operation*:
Mon - Fri 10am to 2pm

*Please call first if you are going to stop by. 


Thank you to Sam Shnider for volunteering to lead  and ensure that we have services each Shabbat.

To all the wonderful people who support our efforts for the community, we thank you. Without continued volunteer work and funding there would be no gathering place for Jewish residents and visitors. We thank those who recognize this and continue to support the JCM.

Hours of Operations:
Mon. - Fri. 10am - 2pm
Items available for purchase

Dedicate and honor your loved ones in many ways while supporting the Jewish Community. You can honor a birth, birthday, anniversary, or memorialize a death with a written tribute:
~ In the new Siddur Sim Shalom for Shabbat & Festivals Tribute $25
~ In the Machzor Lev Shalom Tribute $50
~ In the new JPS Tanach $75

Call the office to make your dedication.
Limited supply of books available.

THE 1800 CLUB   
"Many hands make
light work"

Join The 1800 Club
by subscribing for a
monthly contribution of $18.00 or more; your gift will help us with Beit  Shalom's 
monthly expenses.

Call the office
808-874-5397 or sign up online to join.


Marie-Laure Ankaoua
Jacquie Bayley
Dr. Eve Berman
Allen Cohen
Jenni Ezekiel
Joanne Foxxe
Rabbi David Glickman
               Saul Larner             
Sheri Levin McNertheny
Cecil Morton
Janet Pauli
Jacques Perwin
Rabinowitz Family
Sandra Rogers
Carla Sage
Alan Sandler
Sarah J Shaines
Barbara D. Singer
Vojdani Family
Danna Weissberger

Mahalo for your dedication to sustaining our community

Consider sponsoring an Oneg  to celebrate an occasion or honor a loved one or in memory of someone.
Please call for more information.


Delicious Kosher Meals

Now available by order from Beit Shalom. 

Click Here  for more info, or select Kosher Food from the About menu on the website homepage.

Chevra Kadisha

If you are interested in serving in the Chevra Kadisha (Holy Society),  please sign up HERE

Class on our website

Jewish Cycle of the Year



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Please let us know at, and we will make corrections as needed. 

 Shabbat Metzora 5779


Candle Lighting 6:26pm

Thursday April 11

Men's Minyan  

Friday, April 12

Family Service led by Josh Kalkstein & Cynthia Lebowitz


Kabbalat Shabbat led by Sam Shnider 

Saturday, April 13

Shabbat Morning led by Sam Shnider


As of Tuesday, April 9, 2019, the JCM kitchen has gone through a strict koshering process and has been converted for cooking meat in the kitchen for Passover. The kitchen doors will be locked, and there is no access. We have a few things upcoming prior to Passover, and our kosher kitchen will be strictly enforced. 

We have a variety of attendees in our shul over these next few weeks, and we are committed to our Kosher for Passover kitchen at this time. 

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, and we will report back when it has been turned back into a Dairy Kosher kitchen.

From the President

It's time for a new election...Click here for election information. Please note we are voting on new bylaws on this upcoming ballot.

It has been so rewarding to be part of this renewal at JCM. We are bursting with classes, parties, holiday celebrations, and lots of festivities on the calendar. Be part of this exciting time in our JCM story. I have been looking for a community, I have lots of friends, but I wanted a real community. Over the past few months, I have been overwhelmed with the feeling of community with the new friends and connections I've made, and I finally feel like I have a Jewish community here...and I am so grateful. I feel so proud to be part of JCM.

We all need to make the commitment to be part of this community. My husband thinks I'm crazy for taking so much on (and maybe I am), and it's the best thing I've done this year, and I am so glad I said yes.

This congregation belongs to all of us, and it will take all of us working together (even if we disagree) to ensure that we have a congregation and community. It's for us, our children, and our future... together, we can do this!

Run for office, come to our events, donate... we need leaders, participants, and money in order for us to not just exist, but to thrive. I know times of change and transition can be unsettling, and I know we'll get to other side stronger and better for going through all this together. I will see you soon!


Ellyn Mortimer

Words of Wisdom

This week is the week before Passover, and this Shabbat is referred to as “Shabbat Hagadol” (The Great Shabbat). Why is this Shabbat called Shabbat Hagadol? The truth is that no one knows for certain. The naming of this Shabbat is one of those particular Jewish customs that have multiple explanations, and none that is final and authoritative.


Read More Here


Friday, April 12




Limited seating still available...

make your reservations here today!

We will offer vegetarian soup, vegetarian potato kugel, and roasted vegetables.

Can you volunteer to help set up and clean up on Friday the 19th? Please email us and let us know you can help. 


This Thursday night!!!

Who doesn't love a good party. 

Just arrived...

JCM has kosher chicken for sale $15 each.

Email us or call 874-5397 to schedule a pick up.

Guest Speaker: Author Michael Harris

"Israel: Cutting Through the Rhetoric"

Sunday, April 28, 2019



Beit Shalom- open to the public

To pre-purchase his book, send $15 to his paypal account: so he knows how many to bring.

Add a note on your order that you'll see him on Maui!

So much of what we hear about Israel, whether on the news or from social media, is confusing and contradictory. But you can learn--from an activist, author, and educator-- how to better interpret what you're reading, and place it in appropriate context.

Dr. Michael Harris was one of the founders of San Francisco Voice for Israel, which is now the Bay Area chapter of StandWithUs, an international Israel education organization based in Los Angeles. He has spoken about Israel at synagogues, churches, political groups and senior citizen centers, as well as standing up for Israel against anti-Israel demonstrators on the streets of the Bay Area. He has appeared on radio and television news reports as a local spokesperson for StandWithUs and SF Voice for Israel. In his spare time, he is a pediatrician in Marin County California. The second edition of his book, ‘Winning a Debate with an Israel Hater’, was published in November 2018.


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April 12-- April 18
Helen Weil
Philip Solomon
Harry Survetnick
Adolph Mehl
Rose Greenstein
Aranka Mehl
Heather R. Saxe
Solomon Zenati
Ruth Green
Philip O. Shultz
Myrle Monson
Boris Smilove
Sherwood Berman
Alexander Estrella
April 19-- April 25
Mollye Goldberg
Ruth Tavera
Bernard Satenstein
Edith Wollen
Dora Hirschhorn
Bernard Satenstein
Oren (Akiva) Wikle
Betty Menevitch
Freda P. Leiter
Abe Thal
Sheralyn Rugman Morton
Rachel Robbins
Manuel Hatch
Esther Balfour
Bernard Banks
Mollie Sigel
Donna Pokorny Schwartzer
Stuart Paul Farber
Florence Rudman
Gus Hermes
Phillip Kirkley




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