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Erev Shabbat
Service 6:00 pm from Rosh Hashana to Passover (winter)
Service - 6:30 pm from Passover to Rosh Hashana to Passover (summer)

Erev Shabbat
Service - 6:30 pm
Service - 9:30 am


Upcoming Classes

Sam Shnider's class on the Jewish Cycle of the Year will be on temporary hiatus. We will offer the following two new classes by Kobi Gil and Shayna Nechamah Naveh. Kobil Gil's class will begin next week, Wednesday 12/26 at 6:30 p.m.
Introduction to Kabbalah - Kobi Gil
This class will study the introductory Kabbalah teachings from Yehuda Leib Halevi Ashlag, "Ba'al Hasulam" (1884-1954), spiritual visionary known for his revolutionary commentary on the Zohar, the Sulam ("The Ladder").
The class will have ten lessons, beginning on 12/25/18, that will discuss the spiritual laws of the Torah and the world, and we will learn the structure of the progression of divine presence from the heavenly spheres down to our world as we perceive it.
Some the questions and topics raised will be: What is the purpose of our being and our existence? What is the unique role of the Jewish people?
What is the meaning of holy or sacred and profane, pure and impure, and how can they be distinguished? How can i know if i am on the right path to achieve my life goal ? And other investigations into Jewish spirituality.
When: Next two Wednesdays, following two Tuesdays.
Dates: Wednesday, 12/26/18, Wednesday 1/2/19, Tuesday 1/8/19, Tuesday 1/15/19
Time: 6:30-8pm
Kobi Gil is a long-time Maui resident, originally from Israel, a gifted educator, and business owner. He lives with his wife and son in Kihei.

Jewish Living on One Foot – Intro to Basic Jewish Observance

Four session (1.5 hr) course - JCM Wednesdays 6:30pm -8:00pm, Shayna Nechama Naveh


The goal of this course is to offer a taste of the beauty and simplicity of living a Jewish lifestyle and to begin to unload the word observant. There is a common perception that living an observant Jewish life is complicated and difficult. In reality it is quite simple. Topics covered will include daily blessings and prayers, Shabbat, Kashrut, and living in intention.


Session 1, January 9, 2019: Mussar HaNeviim/Prophets and Living in intention

Thoughts to contemplate: What is the purpose of Living a Jewish Lifestyle? What does it mean to live in intention?


Session 2, January 16, 2019: Blessings and prayers

Thoughts to contemplate: Why do we pray and say blessings? Who needs the prayer?


Session 3, January 23, 2019: Kashrut

Thoughts to contemplate: Why do we eat kosher food? What does it mean to keep kosher?


Session 4, January 30, 2019: Shabbat

Thoughts to contemplate: Why do we keep Shabbat? What does it mean to keep Shabbat?


Shayna “Nechama” Naveh is a Holistic Health/ Energetic Therapy Practitioner, Wellness Counselor and Teacher with a passion for exploring wellness and spirituality from a Jewish perspective. She considers herself a lifelong learner and loves sharing what she has learned with others. She is currently enrolled in a 3 year Spiritual Leadership course taught by Rabbi Haim Ovadia of Torah VeAhava which will prepare her to research and rule on Halakhic questions. Prior to moving to Maui in 2001 she lived in Israel, Alaska, Washington and California.

Upcoming Events
Help Deliver Meals to the Homeless
On Xmas eve, as a gesture of support to the larger community and good outreach for the Jewish Congregation of Maui, several members of JCM will be organizing to prepare and deliver meals to the homeless. The Talmud explains the importance of Zedakah (charity) without regards to race or creed "because of the way of peace" (Mipnei Darchei Shalom). Please contact Shayna ​​​​ Naveh at if you want to assist fiancially or Gail Schell at if you want to help with shopping or food preparation.
Tu B'Shevat - The New Year of Trees
Celebration and festive all-natural meal in honor of the New Year of Fruit Trees, Tu B'Shevat. We will gather together to eat of the seven species of fruits from the Land of Israel, along with fruits and nuts of all sorts,and drink four small glasses of grape juice or wine - a mixture of white and red. We will admire the shape, color, taste and uniqueness of each food; and say blessings with deep intention. Also music, dancing and songs to celebrate the abundance and blessings of the New Year.
When: January 21, 2019 - 4:00 to 7:00 p.m./4:30 p.m Tu B'Shevat Fruit Seder and 5:30 p.m. songs and dancing
RSVP by January 17, 2019 so that we can ensure there is enough for everyone. Please contact Gail Schell (786)210-0539 or Jenni Ezekiel (702)335-5389 to RSVP, or if you wish to contribute fruit or nuts.


Mon, January 21 2019 15 Shevat 5779