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Ki Tetzei

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Sam Shnider

This week’s Torah portion is Shelach (Numbers13:1 to 15:41) which recounts the story of the spies-twelve representatives, one from each tribe, who were sent to scout the land-and concludes with the mitzvah of Tzitzit, the fringes on the corners of a Talit, and the mitzvah of wearing the Talit itself. 

The spies were sent to “scout” the land:

When Moses sent them to scout the land of Canaan, he said to them, “Go up...Read more...


06/19/2019 01:25:15 PM


This week's portion is Beha'alotecha (Numbers 8:1-12:16). It is full of many ideas and topics for meditation, which seem almost disconnected in their multifaceted variety: a description of the lighting of the menorah and the eternal light; a ceremony that launches the levites onto their careers as spiritual teachers; an account of how outcasts were given a second opportunity to join the community in the observance of passover; an account of...Read more...


06/12/2019 06:35:01 PM


Sam Shnider

The Parshah this week, Naso, ("Lift Up") contains one of the oldest of biblical texts that have still survived to this day - the priestly blessing, of Numbers 6:23-27. The Israel museum in Jerusalem has on display a tiny scroll, discovered by a thirteen year old Israeli schoolboy, who accidentally fell into a hidden cave in an excavation site headed by Gabriel Barkay at Ketef Hinnom in 1979. The tiny scroll took three years to unfurl...Read more...


06/05/2019 08:15:55 PM


Sam Shnider

This week we read Parshat Bamidbar, count the 49th day in the cycle seven weeks, and continue immediately into the Festival of Shavuot, which begins on Saturday night June 8, and concludes on Monday evening. 

The Festival of Shavuot is referred to alternatively as “the festival of the harvest” (Exodus 23:14), “the festival of first fruits” (Numbers 28:26), since the offerings on that day where made from the first harvest...Read more...


05/29/2019 08:32:17 AM


Sam Shnider

Parshat Bechukotai (Leviticus 26:3-27:34) which we read this week, begins with one of the greatest theological riddles of the entire Torah: an account of the Blessings and Curses. God tells the People of Israel that if they observe the commandments and follow the laws, 
וְנָתַתִּ֥י גִשְׁמֵיכֶ֖ם בְּעִתָּ֑ם וְנָתְנָ֤ה הָאָ֙רֶץ֙ יְבוּלָ֔הּ וְעֵ֥ץ הַשָּׂדֶ֖ה...


05/22/2019 10:09:33 AM


Sam Shnider

This week we read Parshat Behar, one of the final readings in Leviticus(25:1-26:2). The portion begins with the description of the Shemittah, or Sabbatical year. The Torah directs us in a particular relationship to the land - and teaches us that we never truly possess it. 

שֵׁ֤שׁ שָׁנִים֙ תִּזְרַ֣ע שָׂדֶ֔ךָ וְשֵׁ֥שׁ שָׁנִ֖ים תִּזְמֹ֣ר כַּרְמֶ֑ךָ...


05/14/2019 09:24:54 AM


Sam Shnider

This week we read Parshat Emor (Leviticus 21:1-24:23). This section continues some of the themes from the previous portion, Kedoshim (18:1-24:22) which begins with the verse “you shall be holy,” giving the people of Israel the potential for sanctity and holiness in their own lives and their relations to others, including the ethical commandment “you shall love your neighbor as yourself,” and the commandments of honoring elders, and...Read more...

Acahrei Mot

04/30/2019 10:30:53 AM


This week we read Parshat Acharei Mot, Leviticus 16:1 to 18:30. The Parshah opens with a description of the service of the high priest in purifying the sanctuary and atoning for the people of Israel on the holiest of days - The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur).

The preface to the description of this sacred service does not designate it at all as connected with a holiday or particular time of year. Rather it is connected to the death of...Read more...


04/23/2019 09:57:24 PM


Sam Shnider

The seventh day of Passover (Shvi'i shel Pesach) is celebrated on Friday and Saturday, with Yizkor at the conclusion of services on Saturday.

The final days of the Passover holiday celebrate the completion of the festival of unleavened bread, (matzot), also known as Hag HaAviv (the festival of spring), see Leviticus 23:10-11:

10 “Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘When you enter the land I am going to give you...Read more...

Word of Wisdom; Pesach

04/16/2019 09:48:28 PM


Sam Shnider

This week is the week of Passover, which begins on Friday night, and
continues for seven full days, until next weekend (yizkor will be on
Saturday the 27th).

The night of the Seder has been a night observed in every generation
of the Jewish people, in communities across the world, each with its
own customs. While the Seder is a night traditionally planned long in
advance, with its designated guests, and it insular...

April 12, 2019

04/09/2019 04:23:20 PM


Sam Shnider

This week is the week before Passover, and this Shabbat is referred to as “Shabbat Hagadol” (The Great Shabbat). Why is this Shabbat called Shabbat Hagadol? The truth is that no one knows for certain. The naming of this Shabbat is one of those particular Jewish customs that have multiple explanations, and none that is final and authoritative.

One important reason is that the reading for this Shabbat, from the end of the prophecy...Read more...

Words of Wisdom

04/03/2019 12:21:43 PM


Sam Shnider

This week we have a special trifold occasion of Rosh Hodesh, the new
moon, the new year in biblical counting (which begins in the spring
month of Nissan), and the imminent approach of Passover, which we all
prepare for in our own ways.

We read from three different Torah scrolls this week: the first, for
the weekly portion of Parashat Tazria, Leviticus 12:1 - 13:59, the
second in Numbers 28, 9-14, for the new moon,...

Words of Wisdom

03/18/2019 05:35:56 PM


Purim is one of the happiest days in the Jewish calendar:

For the Jews it was a time of happiness and joy, gladness and honor. In every province and every city, wherever the king's edict and decree reached, there was joy and gladness among the Jews, with feasting and celebrating.   Esther 8:16-17.

This joy, and the spirit of rejoicing, is the basis of the holiday that is always...Read more...

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